WTB was founded by and is controlled by people who care about riding mountain bikes.  Tire passion runs deep and is a matter that is beyond personal to us, we’re downright particular about our treads.  From our Ground Control tire designed for Specialized in 1985 to our 2013 Nine Line tire co-developed with Cannondale and input from our global race team, there’re a lot of tires in between.

WTB is responsible for the first 29” tire, the NanoRaptor 2.1 in 1999 and this tire is symbolic of the independence, ingenuity, and unadulterated creativity that go into each of our tread patterns today. 29” bicycles were the shameful dunces of a time period where wheel size could not be questioned.  The overwhelming popularity of this wheel size today in the global marketplace only gives credence to WTB’s unflinching spirit of innovation.

WTB’s tire future heads fearlessly forward with aid of 3d modeling, industrial design standards, and direct feedback from racers and customers.  Our wholehearted approach to Enduro racing has resulted in square-edged, open-tread patterns proven in the Alps and Dolomites.  New casings retaining compliance yet yielding impervious protection have resulted in a new understanding of what tires are capable of.  Tuned rebound characteristics and optimized durometer compounds are resulting in tires that allow our athletes and riders to push the sport further.