Galfer Bike

Galfer Brake Pads are true performers in a wide range of conditions. The Hope compatible brake pads perfectly blend braking power and durability.

Advantages of using Galfer:

  • Reduced noise
  • Better feeling, progressiveness and braking power
  • Minimisation of vibration to the wheel
  • Less wear on the brake discs
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Increased durability

With these features the rider gets a braking response with the same behaviour throughout the pad life. This also improves control and delivers increased confidence and safety.


The G1053 Standard compound (Black) is an OEM replacement upgrade. Great feel, long lasting, and very little rotor wear with this durable compound. Good in wet and dry conditions, a perfect pad for progressive and consistent braking and everyday use.

The G1851 Advanced compound (Red) is the ideal brake pad for extreme terrain conditions such as wet, mud and very dusty. The braking power is easily maintained and provides a consistent feel even in competition environments.