Don't let the 500 grams per pair fool you into thinking the Leatt Knee Guard Enduro lacks heavyweight protection. The Knee Guard Enduro is lightweight for the climbs, yet resilient for the hasty descents. The hard shell outer that covers Leatt's 3DF foam enables superior impact absorption and a hard impact and sliding surface. All the edges of the hard shell plates and cups are co-molded with soft rubber to keep you comfortable, while the integrated vents provide air flow to keep you cool. The MoistureCool fabric wicks away moisture for additional cooling, while keeping you dry on long, hot stages. The Knee Guard Enduro is specific to the left and right knees for optimal fit and function. Pulling on the Leatt Knee Guard Enduro is like draping yourself in confidence.

The Enduro Knee Guards feature soft shell impact foam and are further reinforced with hard shell areas. Utilizing a blend of both anti-odor MoistureCool and AirMesh wicking materials, these knee guards combine comfort and protection. The AirFit impact foam is unique because of its ability to dampen all the hard knocks whilst it still remains soft and flexible for a comfortable fit.

The 3D design, silicone printed and adjustable non-slip cuffs, soft rubber edges and silicone lamination ensure that the knee guards stay put whilst riding. This, coupled with the vented plates that offer airflow, make these knee guards super comfortable. Scoring a whopping 20 points in the Leatt protection rating system, these CE tested and certified knee guards are ideal for those looking for a higher level of protection such as for Enduro riding. If you are rather looking for a softer fit, look at the 3DF 5.0 Knee Guard or, for a slimmer structure, you should consider the AirFit Pro Knee Guard.

  • Hardshell impact and sliding surface
  • Specific right and left sides
  • 3DF impact absorption
  • 3D designed for optimal fit
  • Vented plates for maximum airflow
  • MoistureCool wicking fabric helps keep you cool
  • Inside silicone laminations help keep protector in place
  • Weight: 500 G per pair
  • Sizes Adult L/XL